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West Virginia Children's Health Insurance Program Phase II has been implemented.  It was approved by the federal Health Care Finance Administration on March 19, 1999 and went into effect April 1.  Phase I has been in effect since July 1998.  With Phase II in place, all children under age 19 in certain working families may be eligible.  WV CHIP coverage includes doctor's office visits, check-ups, immunizations, prescriptions, mental health services, vision and dental services, and hospital admissions, including outpatient and emergency services.


There are three requirements for insurance through CHIP: they must be under age 19, the child's family's income must be under 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (the limits are listed below; if the family's income is slightly above the limits listed, the family is encouraged to apply because some expenses like child care can be subtracted from their income), and the child must be "uninsured" in order to qualify for Phase II.  "Uninsured" means (a) The children have not been covered by family insurance provided by an employer in the past six months, (b) the children have been covered by family insurance in the past six months, but that insurance cost more than 10% of the family's gross income, or (c) the children are covered by insurance that is very limited (e.g., catastrophic). Also, because of federal law, public employees who are eligible for PEIA are NOT eligible for CHIP.


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